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Here are a few of the things we do: 

Formed in 1997, NGAG is a small charity with around 100 members and we are governed by a constitution. We have taken forward and achieved the physical regeneration of Newington Green, transforming the area and reclaiming a much-loved Green at the centre of our community. The work included the landscaping of the Green, narrowing roads, widening the footways, a new east/west access path and three new zebra crossings as well as the pedestrianisation of the end of Ferntower Road.

NGAG facilitated a cross-border public meeting to raise the concern of crime in the area, resulting in this Ward receiving the first Safer Neighbourhood Police Team in Islington. We continue to work with the Drug and Alcohol Team and Public Protection Unit.  NGAG liaises with the Councils, have represented the community over licensing hours of local public houses, deal with graffiti issues, and we support local traders.

We have successfully pressed for the extension of the Newington Green Conservation Area (12) and a new Hackney Conservation Area (north side of Green). We spent 2 years working with the community to stop a supermarket coming to the east (school) side of the Green. The developer went to Appeal twice. We won.   We worked with Islington Council to achieve Green Flag status in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We also and won Green Heritage Site status in 2007 and in 2008 and were the first site in Islington and were one of only 31 sites in the country in 2007, that were given this prestigious award. We continue to liaise with English Heritage to obtain a blue plaque for one of our famous residents.

We publish our own postcards and seasonal cards to promote the considerable history of this area. In June 2008 we published The Village that Changed the World, a book on the considerable history of Newington Green by Alex Allardyce in celebration of the 350th anniversary of the oldest terrace of houses in England (52-55 Newington Green), the 300th anniversary of the oldest surviving Dissenters chapel in London (where Mary Wollstonecraft’s pew still exists) and 250 years since the arrival of Dr Richard Price at Newington Green.

Mary on the Green project

With our Mary on the Green project, we are fundraising to erect a sculpture on Newington Green which will commemorate Mary Wollstonecraft. In 2011, NGAG launched a new website dedicated to this project. You may visit it here:


NGAG Executive Committee

The NGAG Executive Committee usually meets monthly and NGAG members can submit issues to do with our local area, to the committee for consideration. We also have sub-committees to focus on specific topics such as the environment and  the Mary on the Green project.. Let us know your ideas and concerns. NGAG's voice is respected and heard by official bodies and our opinions are taken into account when local issues are up for discussion.

Although we represent a small, local area, our membership is around 100. The more of you that support us, the more we can achieve, to maintain the regeneration of Newington Green - Join us and be heard!

Download a Membership Form Here

It is not possible to pay online to join NGAG at the moment, so you need to download a form in the attachment below, print it and send it by snail mail to the Membership Secretary, as shown on the form.


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