About the NGAG

The Newington Green Action Group (NGAG) is a registered UK charity (1087866)

Main Aims

The regeneration of historic Newington Green through local community effort by restoring it to popular use as a natural focus for the area.

Community Regeneration Projects

Whilst the physical regeneration of the area was completed at the end of 2005, the group, which has around 100 members, is now working to ensure that the improvements are maintained and to encourage new developments that are of benefit to the whole community.

The NGAG Executive Committee usually meets monthly and monitors planning applications and public transport, organises local events (NGAG Friends evening, planting, Jazz on the Green, fairs etc), participates in various steering groups, including the local Neighbourhood Safer Streets Team and the Mildmay Festival Committee, liaises with the Council, links in with other organisations in the area, and comes up with ideas to bring the community together.

Sub Committees:

Mary on the Green

The Mary on the Green subcommittee focuses on the project to erect a memorial sculpture to Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green. NGAG now runs a second website dedicated to this campaign: www.maryonthegreen.org

WING project

The Wildlife in Newington Green, WING subcommittee was started when NGAG obtained a Lottery Fund Grant in order to develop wildlife corridors around the Newington Green area. WING has planted 30 native street trees and given away over 500 native tree saplings at events on the Green. It has also helped create wildlife habitats on the Green, in schools and in local gardens  

National Awards

The Newington Green Action Group won the Green Flag Award (the national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales) in 2006/7, 2007/8, 2008/9, 2009/10. The group also won the Green Heritage Site Award in 2007, 2008 and 2009 (which is sponsored by English Heritage).

NGAG's Publication 'The Village that Changed the World, A History of Newington Green' by Alex Allardyce won the Walter Bor Media Award in 2009.

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