Up in the Tree Canopy

Up in the Tree Canopy

Urban Forester

This is professional tree climbing! One of Islington's Urban Foresters begins to scale the trunk of this old plane tree, which has been growing on Newington Green,  in front of the historic Unitarian Church, for about 140 years.

These old trees need regular care to keep them strong and healthy, so some of the smaller lower branches are being taken off a number of the planes. This will also thin the crown of the trees and allow more light and rain to come down onto the Green, benefiting any plants that grow beneath them.

It takes a lot of training, skill and strength, plus a lot of specialised equipment, to be able to climb right up into the canopy of trees such as these massive old plane trees on Newington Green. The tree gang also needs to be dedicated, as they climb in all weathers apart from high winds and electrical storms.

It must be fascinating to be able to get to know the tree in such intimate detail - and there's probably a pretty good view from up there too.

October 2010