Book ~ The Village That Changed The World

Book ~ The Village That Changed The World

The Village That Changed the World. A History of Newington Green, London N16

  • Alex Allardyce
  • Published by Newington Green Action Group June 2008; Second Edition 2010

This book won the Walter Bor Media Award in November 2009

You can read about the influential free-thinkers, dissenters and poets who have lived at Newington Green through the ages, plus the development then the slide downwards into the delapidation of the local area, followed by the recent regeneration of Newington Green which was spearheaded by the Newington Green Action Group.



Beginnings, Kings and Treason

Newington Green started as a small clearing in the Middlesex forest. First mentioned by name in 1480, it was fringed on at least three sides by cottages, homesteads and crofts.........  The area became a popular aristocratic retreat for hunting wild boar, deer and bulls which roamed in the forest surrounding the Green.  Henry V111 is believed to have had a hunting lodge on the south side of Newington Green and kept mistresses in other buildings on the Green'......

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