52-55 Newington Green, London N16 9PX

52-55 Newington Green, London N16 9PX

52-55 Newington Green - Grade 1 Listed Building

This is the oldest brick terrace in London and possibly the UK. Built in 1658 (the year that Oliver Cromwell died) it is older than the Great Fire of London.

The influential libertarian Dr Richard Price (1758-84) who was Minister of  the Newington Green Meeting House (now the Unitarian Church), lived at No 54 Newington Green.

Another famous resident was the poet and critic Samuel Rogers (1763-1855) who was born at No 52 Newington Green.

You may read more about this unique terrace and its famous inhabitants in Alex Allardyce's book, which can be purchased through NGAG and several local bookshops:

The Village that Changed the World. A History of Newington Green London N16

The terrace is seen here in spring, along with the very popular playground that was introduced as part of the regeneration of Newington Green in 2005 which the Newington Green Action Group was instrumental in bringing about, in conjunction with the local community and LB Islington.