Weeding Wood Chip Paths ~ Volunteer ~ 8 July

8 Jul 2012 09:30

Volunteers Wanted! We Need Your Help

Come and help us to weed the wood chip paths on Newington Green. 

These paths wind through flower beds and the children love running along them, often playing hide-and seek there. The paths have also been very successful at helping to support and increase biodiversity on the Green, which is the main focus of our WING project.

Several types of beautiful fungi have been found growing amongst the wood chips and birds feed on the many little insects and other invertebrates that live there, such as beetles, woodlice and ants ~ delicious and important food for all sorts of birds. Redwings, mistle thrushes and blackbirds have been recorded feeding on insects found in the paths. 

This is particularly true in winter weather when the ground is often too hard for birds to dig into but the wood chips remain accessible. Blackbirds in particular spend a lot of time foraging in the wood chips during icy weather. 

Why do we need your help?

These important assets for wildlife are at risk without your help, because the paths are getting weedy and the cash-strapped LBI Council want to use Glyphosate on the paths to kill the weeds. We also want to make sure children don't come into contact with such toxic chemicals as they play.

Glyphosate is very toxic to plants, animals and to humans and is implicated in birth defects - you only need to search the internet to find a host of entries telling you about its toxicity. It will kill all the beneficial insects that come into contact with it - and what will happen to birds if they eat any of the poisoned insects?

Say NO to Glyphosate and help us to weed the paths instead

We want to weed and tidy the paths in an environmentally friendly way. Help us make the paths look good before Jazz on the Green, 15 July.

This weeding event will be the first of several, so come and make new friends, help WING bring more wildlife to the area and help to keep Newington Green free of toxic weed killers ~ and you can always indulge in a coffee in one of the lovely cafes around the Green afterwards.

Please bring gloves and small forks if you can - we do have a small number available for you to borrow if you don't have these, so don't let it put you off joining in a spot of gardening if you have no tools.

It would be helpful if you could let us know if you are coming, so please Contact us Here so we can have an idea of numbers.

Date:  Sunday 8 July

Time:  9.30 - 10.30