Chelsea Fringe ~ Planting 19 May - 8 June

19 May 2012 14:00
8 Jun 2012 18:00

Chelsea Fringe

This is a new festival celebrating plants, gardens and gardening across London as a whole. King Henry's Walk Community Garden is spearheading the local event and is teaming up with the Newington Green Action Group, the Newington Green Traders' Association, the Mayville Community Garden and Room to Heal.

The plants were grown by local people and donated to this Chelsea Fringe event  - all  will be sold in aid of charity at the end of the event.

Pop-up Gardens

Pop-up gardens will be appearing around the Newington Green area, in nine streets around Mildmay. These gardens will be created from groups of planted-up LBI recycling bags, with free compost that has been donated by Tower Hamlets Cemetery. The plants will not only make our local area more attractive but will also benefit wildlife, human health and will help modify aspects of climate change. All the plants will be reused at the end of the project.

Some of the aims of the festival are 'to open people's eyes to the possibilities of on-street planting and increase awareness of how gardening can improve the lives of all, not just those who are lucky enough to have gardens of their own'.


Planting took place on 19th May at 2.0pm.

If you would like to help out with the planting, or with watering the gardens over the coming weeks, please contact Nicola Freshwater here.

If you would like to see some of the plants that will go into the gardens, you may see some photos in the latest NGAG Newsletter, which you can dowload below.

Further info about Chelsea Fringe here.


Please do not take the plants!

Unfortunately, several of the pop-up gardens have had a good number of their plants removed! The flowers and other plants are there for the enjoyment of the whole community and will be sold for charity at the end of the event.

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