Newington Green in the Guardian

Newington Green Mentioned in the Guardian

Hugh Muir's Diary ~ Wednesday 29 August 2012


Newington Green, which is described as being 'in the heart of north London's lefty enclave' is mentioned in the Guardian, in Hugh Muir's Diary.

Muir also mentions the newly refurbished pub 'The Dissenting Academy' on Newington Green and links this to the Green's fascinating history of radical thinkers and writers such as Daniel Defoe and Mary Wollstonecraft who lived in the area and were profoundly influenced by the teaching and debates that took place here.

You can find out more about the Dissenting Academies plus many important local people such as Defoe and Wollstonecraft, in Alex Allardyce's award winning book 'The Village that Changed the World' which was first published by the Newington Green Action Group in 2008.