Newington Green Action Group AGM 2012

NGAG's AGM ~ 22 May 2012


Election of NGAG's Executive Committee 

We are looking for more people to join us on the committee. Would you like to join us and get more involved with local issues?

The more people who get involved, the more we can represent local views and the more events we can put on for the local community. 


Join in the Discussion

This year's AGM introduces topics that concern the Newington Green area. Join the discussion ~ Let us hear your views.  


Improving Green Lanes ~ Wendy Mitchell ~ LBH Councillor for Clissold Ward

Green Lanes has apparently been a source for some concern for many years, as is shown in Edward Walford's book 'Old and New London', written in 1878. He wrote:

'The Green Lanes ... is rather a sporting neighbourhood and the road is largely used for trotting matches by farmers, butchers and other tradesfolk, a fact which does not contribute to the quiet or comfort of the residents.'

These days the concerns are rather different but Wendy Mitchell is spearheading a move to improve the situation along the stretch of Green Lanes from Newington Green to Petherton Road. Hear about what has been done so far and what is planned for the future.


Extension of the Newington Green Conservation Area ~ Joe Caluori ~ LBI Councillor for Mildmay Ward

Joe Caluori will bring us up to date with the latest ideas for extending the conservation area on the Islington sides of Newington Green. If people are also interested in extending the conservation area on the Hackney, north side of Newington Green, this could be a time to let NGAG and your local councillor know about your ideas.


Newington Green School Refurbishment

Abi Misslebrook Lovejoy ~ Head of Newington Green School and Patricia Ambrose, head of the School Governors will tell us about some of the options being considered for the redevelopment of the school buildings and grounds, so that we can consider how these may impact on the Green and local roads.


Meet Your Neighbours ~ Get Involved 

Refreshments will be provided and there will be a chance to chat to other local  people and exchange ideas and thoughts about the local area.



Date:    22 May

Time:    7.0pm - 9.0pm

Venue:  Mildmay Community Centre Woodville Road N16 8NA (off Mildmay Road)

               Fully Accessible Venue