Mary on the Green in The Times

Mary on the Green in The Times

Mary on the Green article in The Times

15 November 2011

'The mother of feminism deserves her name in lights'

Bee Rowlatt has been busy supporting NGAG's Mary on the Green campaign again and has written a great article in The Times about Mary Wollstonecraft. Rowlatt describes Wollstonecraft's action-filled life as a campaigning single mother in the1700s and says

'Mary Wollstonecraft was a trailblazing troublemaker'  

Mary Wollstonecraft was a social reformer and educationist who worked very hard to change the world. She was a powerful and fascinating woman that we wish to commemorate with a sculpture to her on Newington Green where she lived, taught, worshipped and debated social and political issues, with influential people such as Dr Richard Price who also lived and worked here.

If you would like to read the full article - and it is worth reading! - just click on the image to enlarge it.

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