Mary on the Green Fundraiser ~ Alexander Technique Workshop

Mary Wollstonecraft

Alexander Technique Workshop for Women & Teenage Girls

Linked to International Women's Day

In aid of NGAG's Mary on the Green campaign 

We are pleased to announce that this workshop raised £225 in donations to Mary on the Green and that Gift Aid will increase that sum to around £265.  The money will help to erect a memorial on Newington Green to Mary Wollstonecraft, who taught and lived here for a while and who many consider to be the 'Mother of Feminism'. 

The Introductory Workshop was run by Hilary King, assisted by Susan Brennan and it offered women from all backgrounds a chance to find out how the Alexander Technique can help you to move around more freely, reduce tensions and pain, help yourself cope with stress and improve your sense of well-being - plus help yourself avoid problems from developing in the future.

Many thanks to Rev. Andy Pakula, who kindly allowed us to use the upper schoolroom at Newington Green Unitarian Church, for this event.

This was a great venue in which to hold a fundraising workshop for MOTG because, in Mary Wollstonecraft's time, the Dissenters' Church and the minister Dr Richard Price were so important and influential in her life - and it is still possible to see her pew there. The Church is proud to call itself 'the 'Birthplace of Feminism'.

Extra Donation

A subsequent donation of £50, which came in exchange for Hilary's upright piano, brought the total to around £325 when Gift Aid is included.

More Fundraising ideas?

Do you have any ideas for fundraising to help this project? Perhaps YOU could run an event yourself? If so, do please contact NGAG to let us know.

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10th March 2012