The Newington Green Action Group
Dear Neighbour
Please find above details for TWO planning applications for illuminated adverts on Newington Green.
NGAG has objected to the first at the end of Ferntower Road and will be objecting to the second next to the Kiosk on the Green
as they are completely out of character with the Newington Green Conservation Area.
We would urge you to object to these applications
P/2016/0087 – Ferntower road advert – deadline 18th February
P/2016/0088 – Newington Green Kiosk advert – deadline 25th February
The more objections received, the better chance we have of refusal and keeping the Green free of clutter.
Many thanks
Alex Allardyce, Chair, Newington Green Action Group

Our letter of objection is below:

The Newington Green Action Group

Chair:             Alex Allardyce             

Vice Chair:    Cass O’Callaghan      


Planning Service :

Attention : Daniel Power – Case Officer

by e-mail :

10th February 2016

Dear Mr. Power,



On behalf of the Newington Green Action Group I should like to formally

register our strongest objection to the above proposal to install a freestanding

illuminated advertising sign in Newington Green on the following grounds :-

 The Conservation Guide for Newington Green states that "Signs and

Advertisements can detract from the visual amenity of the area and

need to be appropriately designed and located. It further states that

“Internally illuminated signs will not normally be permitted".

 The design of the proposed advertisement sign and its location are

inappropriate and, accordingly, the proposal will be detrimental not only

to the character and appearance of the paved area at the end of

Ferntower Road but to the conservation area generally.

 The sign will be an unnecessary piece of street furniture and will provide

additional and unwanted visual urban clutter and have a harmful effect on the

nearby 1658 terrace, the international historical and architectural significance

of which is recognised in its Grade 1 listed status.

 There is a real possibility that an illuminated advertisement, positioned in this

location and adjacent to the road and pedestrian crossing, could create a

distraction to passing drivers with the consequential risk of increased traffic


The proposal would fail to preserve and enhance the character of the

Newington Green Conservation Area and is contrary to Islington policies. As a

local Amenity Group we have worked extremely hard over many years to

improve the setting of Newington Green and remove street clutter. We have

also raised the issue of local breaches of The Conservation Guide in respect

of illuminated signs a number of times over the past three or four years; as of

yet any action taken by the Planning Department has proved to be ineffective.

We feel it not unreasonable to assume that NGAG should be able to rely upon

the planning system to support both us and the general public in the

protection of our Conservation Area. It is rather beyond our belief, and a great

disappointment, that the Council itself should be making this application as

part of a fund raising exercise but whose end result will be the erosion and

debasement of our neighbourhood environment. 

I reiterate that NGAG strongly objects to this proposal and would formally ask

you to reject the application.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Allardyce           

Chair : The Newington Green Action Group 

Registered Charity No: 1087866

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